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Dog Confirmation

Does Your Dog Measure Up?

CONFORMATION: Conformation is a breed evaluation in which each dog or bitch is compared to its own breed standard. The dog that most closely conforms to that standard on that day is awarded Best of Breed. In theory conformation shows are used to evaluate the dogs for breeding.

No matter what we have we like to think it is the best and that includes our dogs. In conformation shows, dogs are judged on their structure and looks. When watching a dog show you will see the Judge touch the dog at certain areas of their body and they will open their mouth.

What Makes a Good Dog?

They are looking for the dog that best represents the breed standard for that dog. Height, shape of the head, length of the neck, the shoulders and even check to be sure the dog has all his/her teeth and so on.

Selecting a Breeding Dog

When selecting a breeding dog you want to find this type of dog that is close to the "breed standard". There are no perfect dogs, but you want to find one that is close. Let's say you find an excellent female you want to breed, but her neck is too short, everything else is great. Then find a stud dog that that has a longer neck to balance out the two when breeding.

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