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Dog Food

What dog food do you use? Has it been recalled?

Protect your Dog

This is an information update on some pet products that have been recalled, including some links for you to visit for information.

November 2003- - -

December 2005 - - - Diamond Dog food recall:

January 2006 - - - MSNBC report:

March 2006 - - -

If you have been feeding these products to your dog you may need to consult your vet for a doggie check-up.

Premium Dog Food

We use and reccommend only premium dog food. Remember that dogs must get all their nutrition from only one food. They grow and develop much faster than humans, one dog year equals 7 human years. Because of this growth it is necessary to provide your pet with the proper dog food.

Large Breed Dogs

Large breed dogs have a different rate of development. It is important that the joints develop first, before the weight of the large dogs is added. If they gain weight too fast then joint damage can happen and show up in later years. Premium dog foods have a controled growth formula that keeps your dogs growth at the proper rate.

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