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Confounded by a defect in a complex system of machines, General Electric's experts called upon retired electrical engineer Charles Steinmetz for assistance.

After walking around and testing various devices, Steinmetz produced a piece of chalk from his pocket and drew an "X" on a specific part of the machine. GE workers disassembled the machine and found that the fault lay exactly where the "X" was located by Steinmetz.

Steinmetz sent General Electric a bill for $10,000. When they protested, Steinmetz mailed an itemized charge:

Making one chalk mark - $1
Knowing where to place it - $9,999

It works pretty much the same in selling. In selling, there's no substitute for knowing. When you become known for what you know, your reputation precedes you -- and this is the high payoff!

  1. Study your product and services. Be the best informed sales professional your prospects and clients deal with.
  2. Study your selling procedure. Expert sales professionals know their lines - they are as natural as breathing.
  3. Study personal strengths. Experts know they are good, but more importantly, they know why they are good.
  4. Study your performance. At the end of every week, expert sales professionals evaluate their progress toward goals and examine their plan for the following week.

Become known for what you know - spend an hour a day studying your field. Become an expert!

Good luck and good selling,

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