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Shipping Your Puppy

Shipping a dirty puppy can cost you money in lost referrals!

I feel compelled to share this story with you so that you, as a "professional breeder", do not make the same mistake as this person. Remember, you want to be the best breeder and build a successful business breeding dogs.

A few days ago I was at the airport shipping off a puppy to his new home. There was another breeder there shipping off a puppy too. As we were talking I could not help but notice that his puppy had cropped ears as well. I was curious about the breed and found out that he was a Mastif.

So here is what I saw: this puppy did have cropped ears. For those of you that may not be familiar with “cropped ears”; this is a surgical procedure of shaping the puppy’s ears to enhance their appearance. This procedure is usually done by a veterinarian and the puppy is unconscious just as a person would be when having "cosmetic surgery" done.

There is some pain and discomfort after the drugs wear off, just as there would be for a person. We always get follow-up pain medication for the puppy’s comfort; usually they are comfortable after 3 days.

Back to the puppy at the airport. The puppy was wearing the ear covering or “bonnet” that is put on at the veterinarian’s office after the surgical procedure. Also the “bonnet” was dirty (it was pink and the dirt showed well) and crooked on his head. It looked like it had been on his ears for a couple of days and was starting to come off.

Would you be happy?

Now, my question to you is: If you were the customer and paid over $1300 of your money for this puppy and he arrived looking like that; what would you think???

Emotions are running high!

Here is the scene: The customer has taken off work and driven 2 – 4 hours through rush hour traffic to get their new puppy. He/she is not familiar with the airport or where to go to pick up the puppy. The cell phone is ringing from the husband or wife wanting to know how cute the puppy is and what he looks like. The reality is: they are scared to death that when they bought the puppy over the internet there would be no puppy waiting for them at the airport.

Here is what happens: They get to the airline cargo department to pick up the puppy. They are relieved to see that their puppy is there. The first thing they see is a cute puppy and a “dirty bonnet” (the dirty bonnet takes away from the customer’s joy of the purchase). Puppy has only been on the plane for a few hours, how did it get so dirty?! In the car, one person is driving and the one person is holding the puppy. The person holding the puppy is looking at the top of the head at the dirty, crooked “bonnet”. Remember they have a 2 – 4 hour drive home to talk and look at the dirty "bonnet".

People will build on negative things that happen.

This is how people build on negative things they see when they laid down good money for a puppy.

This may not be exactly what happens but was used as an illustration of what can happen if you are not in control of your business. Can you ever use this person as a personal reference? NOPE!

This may seem like just a little issue to you, however, when the customer lays down his hard earned money for something. This becomes a big issue to your customer and can cost you money in lost referrals.