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What About Breeding a Mixed Breed Dog?

A waste of time and money!

I heard a story the other day about a person that wants to breed his registered Doberman Pinscher to a Poodle. WHAT? He had a friend that had a registered poodle stud dog and suggested that the Doberman be bred with this Poodle. I think they call it a “Dobieoodle” (that may not be correct, but who cares). I don’t mean to be cold about this interaction of the two dogs, but let’s look at the big picture.

Dog Breeding Business

Let’s look at this from the breeder’s position as a business person. Let’s say a registered Doberman Pinscher or Poodle sells between $500 - $2500. An unregistered Doberman sells for about $200. Let’s say the female has 10 puppies in the litter. Even if the quality of puppies is on the low end, having a value of only $400, why would you reduce your potential income by 50%? They are large breed dogs and will eat the same amount of food; they still need puppy shots, worming, advertising, time to raise the puppy, etc. Your expenses will be the same either way.

In the dog breeding circle you will be known as a “back yard breeder”, an “irresponsible breeder” or maybe a “puppy mill”. Why? Because you are selling unregistered, mixed breed dogs.

Not only that but by diluting the breed you are breeding out the great qualities of both breeds. The Doberman was bred for personal protection, is it still there? Will an intruder even know the dog is part Doberman and be intimidated by him? Will the ears be cropped?

What do you have to sell? A fad? Someone said the dog was cute so raise them. The fact is: you cannot sell an unregistered puppy for the same amount as a registered puppy. Do you think it will be easier to sell because it is cheaper? Wrong! People don’t always want “cheap”, they want quality. What will the dog owner like the most; people walking up to them on the street saying “that is a beautiful Doberman” or “that is a beautiful poodle”. Or people walking up to them saying “what kind of dog is that”? We all have that pride of ownership inside us, we like to have nice things that others will admire and talk about. We as breeders need to sell and create that pride of ownership to our customers. Can you do that by selling a cheap mixed breed dog? I can’t.

What about the dog?

As a business person this may not affect you, but as a human being it should have an effect on you. What kind of a life lies ahead for the “cheap”, “mixed breed” dog? As a puppy he is really cute and everyone loves him. Then as he matures he is no longer cute, and actually looks kind of ugly. (I cannot picture what the offspring of a Poodle and Doberman would look like). He goes through his chewing stage at about one year old, he is not very cute, and he did not cost much so let’s give him to another home (if they can find one) or take him to a rescue.

What happens is the family does not have very much invested into the dog so it is easier to let him go. Now the poor dog has to hope that another family will come along because his first family did not understand his puppy chewing habit or would not tolerate them, it was just easy to let him go. YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT; I DO, BECAUSE I DID THAT VERY THING WITH A MIXED BREED DOG ABOUT 30 YEARS AGO. Yes today I do regret doing this to the poor dog, which is one reason that my feelings are so strong in this direction.

The fact is when a person gives up his/her hard earned money for a “family member”, “companion” or “best friend” there is more of an emotional attachment there. Your “registered” better “quality” dogs have a better chance of survival and having a happy home.

Be a responsible breeder and breed quality, AKC or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), registered puppies. It will be better for the puppy’s future and better for you because you will have higher profits.

Don’t fall into the trap of breeding a mixed breed dog because it is cheaper and easier to sell. If you have a difficult time getting the right breed to sell then read my book. Go to and learn how to profit from the dog breeding business the right way.

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